People We Meet

When you’re road-trippin you always meet the most unique people. We hope to get to know a lot of them and tell you about them here!!!

Adam and Kim

Adam is the guy that Kevin hooked us up with, who is working on our van! Adam and his wife, Kim are really down to earth, salt of the earth, type people. Both are very outgoing, mild-mannered, Southern hospitality type people. They even offered us to stay at their place while he works on our van! It’s amazing that we have called our trip the “Love you neighbor tour” because we want to help people in need, but as it turns out, so far on our trip I feel as if Heather and I are the ones who people are getting the opportunity to help and love. It sure is humbling to be at the mercy and help of strangers. Heather and I could absolutely be paralyzed by fear of all the bad in the world, the fear of being taken advantage of, or hurt…but there is a lot of good in the world! Adam and Kim are a shining example of the good still in the world today! Heather and I continue to thank God for all the people that continue to bless us and help us. I just hope God allows us to bless people we meet as well!

Thank you Adam and Kim for your giving, inviting, and loving spirits! I hope we’re able to bless you in some way!


Kevin is the owner of a yard full of Vanagons! Visit his website at: -The hope and joy that Heather and I felt when we saw his compound in Pulaski, VA is something words cannot capture very well. I remember praying before we left home that God is bigger than our vehicle. If God wants us to break down, he’ll have us break down wherever He wants us to…and what better place to break down, than in a small town we’ve never heard of where there is a guy who collects and loves Vanagons! I emailed Kevin from his website and got a response in about 20 minutes saying that he’d love to meet us and help us out! He showed up on Monday night in a green Vanagon/truck looking thing. He was wearing blue coveralls and what looked to be a straw hat indigenous to Chinese rice-field workers. We knew we were in good company 🙂 Kevin is good people! He looked at our van for a bit while we chatted about random things, and he offered to tow us to his friend’s house who has worked on some of his vanagons. Kevin is one of those guys you just want to sit down and talk with about anything.

Thanks Kevin for hooking us up with the free tow and being a lover of Vanagons! I hope our paths cross again in the future!


Clay was our tow truck driver when we broke down right outside of Pulaski. He told us how he came to know Jesus about two years ago. He had pretty much just been living for himself, pleasure seeking…just wasting a lot of life. He started going to church and attended a Bible study where he was the youngest one by about 20 years! Young adults seem to be the lost generation when it comes to church ministry. Instead of complaining that there wasn’t a young adult Bible study, Clay started his own young adult small group with other people in the area – from a mix of churches! I have been encouraged by Clay’s story and how he is pursuing the abundant life that God desires for us!

Thanks for the tow and the encouragement, Clay!


The first day of our road trip…within the first hour of our road trip, God put someone on our path to encourage and pray for us! Ron!

Heather and I left Lancaster Bible College and stopped down the road at Sheetz to gas up “the great white” for the first leg of our trip. Before I was finished filling the tank, a man (Ron) came up asked about our van and where we were heading. We told him about our idea of “Love your neighbor” and “Yield to Peds” being the theme for our road trip. It turns out that Ron is a follower of Christ and has some inspirational ideas on how people who follow Christ can impact their neighborhood.

This man was obviously passionate about Christ. When he started talking about Jesus and the need for people in Lancaster city to know Him, I could see his eyes start to tear up. It was good for me to see the urgency and passion that Ron has for Jesus Christ and for people in Christian leadership to be held to a higher standard.

Thank you, Ron for your encouragement and prayers!


3 Responses to “People We Meet”

  1. Ron Harper Jr June 16, 2011 at 8:47 pm #

    It was great to meet you guys! I will be following you!

  2. Jeremiah The Great June 17, 2011 at 3:23 am #

    This is so aweosme!!

  3. jaketarr June 18, 2011 at 7:52 pm #

    pumped for you two!

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