The first Recipe for this BLOG is not a food recipe…it’s a laundry detergent recipe!

If you buckle down and make this stuff once, you’ll wonder why you ever went out and “bought” laundry detergent! We have been using this for the last 3 months or so, and it works great! Plus it saves us a load (literally) of money!

Here are the 3 ingredients you will need (you can buy all three for around $5.00):

Super Washing Soda, Fels Naptha Soap (1 bar), and Borax laundry booster!

Here’s what you do with all those ingredients:

Grate the entire bar of Fels Naptha soap into a pot and add a little bit of water set on medium heat.

mix 1 cup of washing soda and 1 half cup of Borax in a 5 gallon bucket w/approx. 2 quarts of very warm water.

Then stir in the melted Fels Naptha soap. Then Fill very warm water to the top of the bucket.

Let sit one day til the mixture “gels” (thickens).

Stir when you are ready to use.

Use 1/2 cup for one load of laundry.

And that’s it!!! We usually just make half of this batch, and save the supplies for when we need to make it again. It lasts a long time and works great! ENJOY!


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