I have been married for three years to a ball of sunshine, Heather.

I graduated from Bloomsburg University in May 2005 with an Interpersonal Communications degree. After that I served on staff for a year with Campus Crusade for Christ, and currently just finished working at Lancaster Bible College for 5 years as a Resident Director, where I recently completed a Masters in Ministry: Leadership Studies degree.

My wife and I love to travel and we are planning on living on the road for the summer of 2011 in our 1984 VW camper van! We are calling our trip the “Love Your Neighbor Tour”, because we want our trip to reflect the attitude of the Good Samaritan. He was a person just traveling from point A to B, saw someone in need and helped out.

My wife and I want to travel and have fun, but we want to help people in need as well. We have deliberately scheduled places to help out across country, but if we meet someone who has a need and we aren’t able to meet it, we’ll put it on our BLOG and see if anyone “following” us can help.

I started a band called “Yield to Peds” and just released the first full-length album entitled “God Makes Summer Plans”, which can be downloaded for free on our BLOG: – I hope to be playing a lot this summer as we travel! Heather and I both enjoy hiking, backpacking, music, throwing frisbees around, and dogs.

After our summer of traveling, it looks pretty likely that I will join the staff of a church as a worship leader, working with life groups, and helping out with missions. I am passionate about influencing the influencers, equipping and mentoring people to live the abundant life promised by Jesus in scripture.
My wife and I both love working with young people and pray that God continues to equip us both for
what He has prepared for us in the future.


One Response to “Garrett”

  1. Barb Cherico, the Auntie June 17, 2011 at 4:48 pm #

    I am so proud of you and hope you have a wonderful adventure. as I read your bio at lunch time today, it reminded me that i thought how strange there was what seemed to be a homeless man sleeping on the bench in front of the Clarion Public Library.

    I guess the fear of what might happen if i approached this stranger was stronger than the thought of what could happen if I had stopped to offer help in some way. so I am glad you have the strength to serve people in need and i will try to grow into someone you can be as proud of as I am of you. love ya,

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