Pushing The Reset Button

31 Jan

How many people are completely content with the way their life is?

Is there anything you’d want to change? Is there anything you wish you could do better? Is there anything you are working towards…or know you should be working towards?

Even if someone answered that they are completely content with how their life is, there is always something new to learn, discover or accomplish that has the potential to increase your quality of life or the lives of others.

Tomorrow is February. A new month. A new day. A time of new possibilities, challenges, and opportunities. Time to press that RESET button and live life a little more deliberately tomorrow than you did yesterday. For my wife and I, we have decided to do the Whole30 challenge, based off of the book: It Starts With Food.

We both try to eat fairly clean, but we wanted to push the reset button on our bodies. It’s so easy to order out or go out and consequently…pig out.  And this doesn’t only effect our bodies, but our budget as well. These are two areas of life that most people could benefit in by being a little bit more intentional.

But what is it for you? What part of your life needs the reset button pushed?

Take some time over the next couple of days with your spouse, a roommate, or a close friend and talk about some areas of life that could be done better…that you could work on together!

Heather and I hope to post some of the recipes and food that we’ll be enjoying if you’re interested in cleaner eating. Don’t wait until next January to make a resolution, push the reset button tonight and make tomorrow morning the start of a more challenging but rewarding life!


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