Digging for Idols

26 Mar

Digging for idols?  Why would we need to dig for something that traditionally has been so evident?

If you visit places of worship in other cultures, it may be easy to observe stone, wood, and precious metal sculpted into different animals, people, or made up creatures. 

Traditionally and in biblical times, idols have not been something that is hidden, but rather something that is given a place of prominence for everyone to see and worship. 

Today, in America, most idols have fled places of worship and invaded homes, and although we may not find idols given a place of prominence inside our homes, they have found their way to “the best seat in the house”…our HEARTS

I have a mentor who says, “We are often a mystery to ourselves.” We sometimes don’t know why we do the things we do, say the things we say, and love the things we love. You and I even do things we wish we wouldn’t do…AND we DON’T do the things we often WANT to do. The apostle Paul affirms this in Romans 7.

This is because the strongest direction/affection of our heart is being won over by “hidden” or silent idols. Which is why it is important to “dig” and identify these idols before we can fully devote our attention and desire towards God. 

If the idols are never “found” they can never be removed, and remain dormant until will-power is exhausted. Love/desire/affection always wins over will-power.

Tim Keller, a pastor in New York has come up with ten questions to help identify idols:

10. What consumes most of your thoughts and feelings?

9. What motivates the things that you do?

8. What are you most afraid of?

7. What brings the highest amount of frustration or anger into your life?

6. What is one thing that can change your mood in a second?

5. What would your friends say is your favorite topic of conversation?

4. What are some things that you feel you can’t live without?

3. What brings you solace?

2. What do you yearn for?

1. What is one thing that you wish God would do for you? 

When you begin to answer these questions, you’ll be able to find your idols…but that’s just the first step. 

The second step is a questions of RESPONSE. 

And ultimately a decision of YIELDING…to God or to your own desires, comforts, and pleasures.


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